Refueling the Italgres vision in Cersaie 2017

“Ceramics is breaking away from its traditional format to become something new; Developments in technology and design are projecting this material into the future as part of a process of constant metamorphosis” Fabrizio Mariani, Enrico Montecchi – Cersaie 2017

The world of ceramics is complex beautiful and ever evolving. That is why we love it.

Throughout this week we’ll be in Bologna for Cersaie 2017, the biggest ceramics even in Europe and our favorite event of the year.

We always look forward to coming here and seeing how this industry grows in leaps and bounds, molding this material in the most beautiful, intricate and original designs.

Italy is at the vanguard of innovation when it comes to tiles and this year is no different. In the pictures below you’ll see some of our favorite designs so far. From unique patterns and textures to amazing finishes with undulating reliefs. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

Exploring New Trends at Coverings 2017

This week we’re at Coverings 2017, the biggest tile and stone exhibition in the U.S. We are looking for new and exciting designs to share with you, through thousands of products and suppliers from around the world.

For years we’ve been one of the loudest proponents of large formats in the U.S., a trend that is well established in Europe but has trickled down into the American market very slowly. This week we’ve seen the resurgence of the large formats in the U.S. market with big slabs making their presence felt in Coverings 2017. We’ve also seen the Cuban tiles in 12×12 and 8×8 formats making a strong impact in the event.

It’s amazing to see this industry evolve so rapidly. The introduction of more refined finishing methods and technology has given us a lot of refreshing new textures and three-dimensional designs in this year’s selection.

As you can tell, it’s an exciting time for this industry and for us. Follow us for more insights into the world of tiles.

The People and the Souls the Filled our Showroom

Like always we love to decorate our walls with the impressive portraits of Havi’s “Souls”, but it’s the people who made last Thursday such a fun an energetic night. Thanks to Vander Bhirtwish for taking these great photos.



HaviArt Captivates Wynwood Once Again from Italgres

We love to create spaces where art thrives and where people can congregate to appreciate different aesthetics. Last night we invited people to our Wynwood showroom to witness the tremendous beauty of the “Souls” portraits by an outstanding artist and close friend of ours, Havi Schanz.

His paintings have been a staple of the Italgres showrooms for a while since his combination of industrial and pop styles creates a perfect harmony with the Italgres brand.

Once again, we opened our space to Havi’s art and, once again, people were mesmerized and captivated by it. It was a fantastic night of upbeat music and drinks, and another win for the rising art scene of Miami. We’re very grateful to have seen so many people enjoy this event.

HaviArt Exhibition at Italgres Wynwood

Like us, Havi Schanz has found the perfect balance of industrial and fine art. In the process, he has developed a unique and captivating style of reproducing famous portraits from celebrity icons. We’re extremely excited to, once again, host HaviArt in our Wynwood showroom.

Havi Schanz is a Miami-based Argentine visual artist, architect, interior & graphic designer. His latest project portrays “Souls” on blueprints.

Thursday, March 30th – 7pm to 10pm

Please register at

Thank You All for Joining the TileArt Experience

It has been a journey of over 30 years and we’re still moving forward. The debut of our renovated Wynwood showroom was just the latest advancement for Italgres. Thank you all for joining the TileArt experience and giving this new showroom the reception it deserves. We had the opportunity of meeting many fascinating people and design lovers like us. We, hope to see you again and work together in the future.

Tapas and Wine Friday at Italgres

This is the last day of the Italgres TileArt Experience and we’re going out like we came in, with Spanish tradition. We would like to thank everyone who came in the past couple days. There’s nothing that we enjoy more than interacting with the community that supports Italgres and keeps the art of European tiles alive.

Tonight we’ll have tapas and wine to cap off the event. You’re welcome to come and start off your Friday the right way with Italgres. Appreciating art and wine, how could it get any better?