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Italgres is a company that prides itself in providing unique materials and designs to our exclusive clients. More than porcelain, we offer access to a cutting edge and eclectic lifestyle. We live within the art world, with a direct connection to the best trends of decoration and interior design in Europe and around the world.



Our roots are in Spain, but we’ve been growing in the United States for more than 30 years. Here, we offer the unique European aesthetic to homeowners and developers with a heightened sensibility for art. Our exclusive selection of tiles from Spain and Italy serve a wide range of designs, allowing the transformation of commercial buildings and homes into masterpieces.

Commercial or residential projects, we have designs for every situation. Our sales team will help you use your budget efficiently to reach your design goals, and our designers will provide all the technical assistance you need.

If you want to surround yourself with sublime designs; if you want to design spaces that inspire awe in your guests, our website offers endless possibilities for kitchens, bathrooms, outdoors and much more. Or even better, come to our showrooms in Miami and experience the diversity of our offerings for yourself. For more inspiration you can download our catalogs. Please, don’t hesitate to call us, we’re here to make your dreams come true.

Italgres 2017
Italgres 2017

The talent behind the reputation

Design your interior to be timeless, sustainable, efficient and beautiful.

There are four indispensable characters that make this company possible, the co-founders Juan Jauregui and Carlos Melchor and the soul of this company Claudia Puerto and Maria Rosa Garrido. Their focus and persistence for the past 30 years in the flooring and tile industry have allowed them to make Italgres the home of style and the cutting edge of design for tiles and more. In 2008, along with their team, they decided not to budge in the face of the economic crisis and turned the company around 180 degrees. They went all in for the High-End market, differentiating Italgres for its unique assortment of European trends and its quality.
Carlos and Juan have made it their mission to bring something different into the mix of US design. They are the best curators of European and Latin American trends in the region, making their exclusive assortment of tiles a unique opportunity to create a style that stands out. Their work to satisfy even the most exquisite taste is showcased in the Italgres showrooms. Don’t miss it!

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