Leveling System Peygran

Peygran leveling system ensures flatness between tiles avoiding movements during the mortar setting. This reduces the time for the ceramic laying obtaining a perfect lippage-free finish.
A fast and 100% effective tool.


Floating Floors Support System Peygran

This is an excellent alternative to other traditional methods for exteriors that allows greater versatility when building the framework of the track, thanks to the rotating clip of the track head.

Refueling the Italgres vision in Cersaie 2017

“Ceramics is breaking away from its traditional format to become something new; Developments in technology and design are projecting this material into the future as part of a process of constant metamorphosis” Fabrizio Mariani, Enrico Montecchi – Cersaie 2017

The world of ceramics is complex beautiful and ever evolving. That is why we love it.

Throughout this week we’ll be in Bologna for Cersaie 2017, the biggest ceramics even in Europe and our favorite event of the year.

We always look forward to coming here and seeing how this industry grows in leaps and bounds, molding this material in the most beautiful, intricate and original designs.

Italy is at the vanguard of innovation when it comes to tiles and this year is no different. In the pictures below you’ll see some of our favorite designs so far. From unique patterns and textures to amazing finishes with undulating reliefs. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do.


A practical solution for sinks with windows.

With the kitchen folding faucet, you can open the window without obstacles. The faucet will not be an impediment to
open the window wide and ventilate the kitchen. The ease of folding the faucet simply means to lower it and enjoy the
incredible cooking and scrubbing sensation from the inside of your kitchen.

The Caiman Urban Faucet incorporates the Cold Open system, it is an opening system designed to save energy. When you
actuate the handle from the central position, only cold water will come out, thus avoiding to start up heaters or boilers, just for the daily use of the tap. If you want to use the hot water you only have to turn the handle to the left and the boiler will be activated to obtain mixed water (hot and cold) that you need.


Freshii Wynwood Adds a Splash of Color

Like we said on our latest Trending Tiles entry “This season the small format ceramics entered with force, for both pavement and cladding.” The health-minded restaurant Freshii took note of this trend for their new store in Wynwood. They used the Italian line U Color with small format diagonal tiles to create a modern, colorful and dynamic space.

Jaw Dropping Coral Gables Home Revitalized by Italgres

This beautiful Coral Gables home was recently outfitted with the finest Italgres tiles. The kitchen and each bathroom sport a textured accent wall that adds character to the space, while the off-white finish adorning the rest of the room provides balance. Meanwhile, large format (48×48) tiles fill the spacious floor of the living room and a pleasant natural wood finish leads the awed guests up to the second floor. It’s all porcelain tile folks! Beautiful, versatile Italgres tile.

Large Formats Installation

In the last years, the placement of large ceramic formats has increased considerably. Its application, more and more habitual, has entailed a certain adaptation of the techniques of placement and of the tools used, in order to facilitate the task in the installation.

Format “60X30” – “60X15”


Format “60X60” Floor


Format “60X120” – “40X120” Floor


Format “60X120” – “40X120”  Wall

Osmosis Sink Mixer

Enjoy a healthy and balanced water from your tap, without having to worry about the choice of the bottled water.

Now there are combined faucets with which you will not have to drill your current sink to enjoy an osmosis system, through the same faucet you will enjoy the treated water (osmosis) and mixed water from the grid (cold water and hot water).

Technical Porcelain

The Todagres Technical Porcelain is a ceramic product resulting from the application of the most advanced and innovative technology in the sector.

This porcelain is not glazed, it’s colored throughout its mass, and it’s completely vitrified. That is why it is a product that, compared with other more traditional wall coverings (marble, granite, wood, slate, stone), stands out above all for its versatility and use potentially under different conditions no matter how unfavorable they are. 

Another characteristic that makes it a versatile product is the variety of available finishes: matte, gloss, non-slip, special traffic, rustic. The polished finish has a shine of nearly 72% of light reflection.

Aesthetically, it perfectly imitates marbles, granites, stones, clays, slates, and cement. And it is available in a wide range of formats: 2.5 × 2.5, 10 × 10, 20 × 20, 30 × 30, 40 × 40, 30 × 60, 40 × 60, 60 × 60, 40 × 80, 40 × 120, 60 × 120 and 80 × 80 cm, and with special thicknesses of up to 12.5 mm.



This type of product, aside from its beauty and variety of available designs, has technical features that no other building material offers:

  • Resistance to water, moisture, and frost.
  • Resistance to sudden temperature changes.
  • Bending strength with fixed and static loads.
  • Resistance to impact, abrasion.
  • Wear resistance due to heavy traffic and to rolling with mobile loads.


  • Negligible moisture expansion.
  • Fireproof. Flame retardant. An absence of danger in case of fire.
  • Electrical safety.


  • Optimal conditions for obtaining impermeability to liquids required in places where the presence of water is constant. This way, it does not facilitate the presence of fungi or bacteria.
  • Due to its low tendency to retain dirt, it presents optimal cleaning and asepsis characteristics.
  • It is possible to use strong household cleaning products in order to ensure complete disinfection


  • Lack of own or acquired odor.
  • Resistance to the release of its own dust.
  • Easy to clean acquired dust.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • The POLISHED finish (glossy) provides an intense brightness.
  • It is a product that, due to its capability as an electrical insulator, prevents the gathering of electrically active environmental dust.
  • Suitable wherever there is an abundant use of water.
  • It is the final installation: it requires no maintenance after it is installed.


TODAGRES’ new branded line TODATECH, has managed to combine the appearance, beauty, and depth of natural stone, wood, and cement, with technical characteristics inherent to its base material, high-traffic technical porcelain, resulting in a truly innovative product.

Its innovative technology, the variety of its pieces, as well as its high definition, allows for effects and functionalities never achieved until now.


It is the new brand by TODAGRES, which combines products manufactured with high-definition penetrating soluble salts technology, so that all the products in this series are high-traffic technical porcelain, both in their Natural and Polished versions.



With this technology we can manufacture materials of varied typology such as marbles, woods, slates, cement, creating incredible progress for the future of TODAGRES. Its main characteristics are:








TODATECH is manufactured with state-of-the-art technology digital printing machinery, developed specifically to make technical porcelain material with high-definition graphics.

The polished finish ensures a surface gloss of 85%, similar to that of polished crushed frits, and far superior to polished marble. The result is also a maximum value on the scale of ease of cleaning (level-5.)





Resistance to scratches (MOHS), which for polished crushed frits is a coefficient-3 or lower, in the case of our material it is a coefficient-5 or higher, equal to that of polished technical porcelain, which makes it a material suitable for high traffic.

Our material cannot be damaged by acids (e.g. lemon,) while to polished crushed frits CAN be damaged by these products, leaving hard-to-remove stains.



It has a scratch resistance (MOHS) with a coefficient-5 vs. the coefficient-3 of marble and it’s not damaged by acids (e.g. lemon;). In contrast, natural stones can be damaged by this type of product, leaving permanent stains.

The ease of cleaning, which for marbles is of level-3, is of level-5 for TODATECH (this represents the maximum level of the ease of cleaning scale.) The surface gloss of a polished natural stone is 70%. However, the polished TODATECH material has an 85% gloss.

The water absorption of natural marble is approximately 1%, while that of TODATECH material is less than 0.1%. In order to obtain a perfect understanding of TODATECH, we recommend watching our 3-minute-long explanatory video.


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