2016 Color Trends- Energetic Yellow

2016 Color Trends- Energetic Yellow

The color of the sun evokes energy and happiness. Yellow is a warm color that brings light into your rooms.

In excess yellow can create too much tension, so we recommend using it only with decorative elements or as a focal point that draws attention to a contrasting area of the room, mixed with pristine whites, other yellow tones and greys that lessens the intensity of the bright yellow.

The combination possibilities are infinite. Our team at our Showrooms will guide you through all your options. Come visit us at our Doral or Wynwood locations.

Color trends-Serene Blue

2016 Color Trends- Serene Blue

A reminder of the classic British weather,  blue with gray or clear tonalities has been part of this year’s trends.

This is the color of confidence and calm. It’s perfect for living rooms and bathrooms, and clearer tones can be used in bedrooms.

However, too much blue can be depressing, especially in darker tones. That’s why we encourage you to consider create contrast in your designs with white, high ceilings, dark toned floor tiles and plants that freshen up the environment. Green or aqua accessories can also bring a certain marine relaxation.

For more guidance on how to create your dream rooms come to our Showrooms in Doral and Wynwood.

what to check when hiring a new architect

What To Check When Hiring a New Architect

We would love to build a remarkable place that could last forever, but it could happen that when you want to hire the architect that will build your dream, you don’t know what criteria to use for hiring them. Architecture.com share this simple questions you have to check when hiring a new architect’s project:

1. What effect will it have on the environment?

These days, a building doesn’t just have to look good, it should ideally be good for the environment too.

2. Does it give more than was asked?

The best architects can create designs which will give clients and the public things they didn’t even realise they wanted, and this is especially important when architects are given the difficult brief of creating structures in much-loved, iconic areas.

3. Does it meet the test of time?

What is new and exciting now can quickly begin to look tired and out of fashion, so the best buildings don’t just consider what will be interesting to look at now, but also how it might look to people in five, fifty or even a hundred years’ time.

4. Does it delight and engage passers-by as well as users?

A good building should make you want to look at it. Even if not always liked by passers-by, it should always make them feel something.

5. Does it represent value for money?

Value for money is not, and never was, the same as being cheap. Value for money means making the most of whatever budget is available.

If you want to know more about this, and see some of the best examples with these criteria visit: www.architecture.com

2016 Color Trends- Pink Sunset

2016 Color Trends- Pink Sunset

Do you know the color that most resembles the last colorful tones of the dying sun?

Pink has been a staple of design during 2016. To mix it in a way that doesn’t overwhelm your rooms we recommend combining it with soft colored tiles and add it to a room with lively furniture.

We can show you many ways to rock that pink sunset vibe with many different tiles in our showrooms in Doral and Wynwood. Come through!

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