Cersaie 2016

The Cersaie 2016 exhibition, epitome of elite tile design in Europe, had quite energetic audience in 2016. During the last week of September, surrounded by the magnificent architecture of Bolonia, U.S. buyers, especially from Florida, were discrete among the European trends. Meanwhile, Italgres was indulging in the cutting edge and innovative materials from factories like Lamborghini and VIVA:

Among our favorite trends from the event:

  1. WOOD: There’s a lot of new stuff in the large formats ( 8”x48” , 10”x60” , 10”x72” and 12”x90” or even bigger) and rustic designs. We also saw some modern wood designs, which had been lacking. The wood effect has been a strong trend although at this point it’s hard to see something interesting. The best wood tiles are still coming from FLORIM. We also saw some small format wood tiles (4”x12” or even smaller), straying away from the large format that had become standard in this style.
  1. CEMENT: This was the second biggest trend, and it has been a solid choice for the past few years. The novelty here was the format. We saw a lot of 48”x48”, 60”x60” and even bigger. Colors and effects stayed mostly on the same styles as previous years. Textures were outstanding with natural and lacquered finishes.
  1. STONE: We saw a lot of stone designs in regular and large formats.
  1. MARMOL: We saw mostly slim and large formats (48”x96” and 60”x120”). There was a lot of calacatta, statuario, carrara and dark travestinos with different polished, soft and matte finishes. However, only a few exhibitions had real quality and variety.
  1. HYDRAULIC: This was a very prevalent trend. It’s been growing a lot for the past 5 years and it continues, although the good ones can only be found in specific factories.
  1. SMALL PIECES: There was an attempt to introduce small formats that in the rustic and the modern styles. Among the formats in the exhibition there was 2”x5”, 2”x12”,4”x4”, etc.

There was also a lot of mixed materials at Cersaie 2016, a lot of tiles had textile designs, mixes of cement with textiles, wood with textiles or all together.

This exhibition gave us a bit of a window into next year’s trends. You can be assured that we’ll be bringing you the best of them to our stores.  

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