Refueling the Italgres vision in Cersaie 2017

“Ceramics is breaking away from its traditional format to become something new; Developments in technology and design are projecting this material into the future as part of a process of constant metamorphosis” Fabrizio Mariani, Enrico Montecchi – Cersaie 2017

The world of ceramics is complex beautiful and ever evolving. That is why we love it.

Throughout this week we’ll be in Bologna for Cersaie 2017, the biggest ceramics even in Europe and our favorite event of the year.

We always look forward to coming here and seeing how this industry grows in leaps and bounds, molding this material in the most beautiful, intricate and original designs.

Italy is at the vanguard of innovation when it comes to tiles and this year is no different. In the pictures below you’ll see some of our favorite designs so far. From unique patterns and textures to amazing finishes with undulating reliefs. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

Freshii Wynwood Adds a Splash of Color

Like we said on our latest Trending Tiles entry “This season the small format ceramics entered with force, for both pavement and cladding.” The health-minded restaurant Freshii took note of this trend for their new store in Wynwood. They used the Italian line U Color with small format diagonal tiles to create a modern, colorful and dynamic space.

Jaw Dropping Coral Gables Home Revitalized by Italgres

This beautiful Coral Gables home was recently outfitted with the finest Italgres tiles. The kitchen and each bathroom sport a textured accent wall that adds character to the space, while the off-white finish adorning the rest of the room provides balance. Meanwhile, large format (48×48) tiles fill the spacious floor of the living room and a pleasant natural wood finish leads the awed guests up to the second floor. It’s all porcelain tile folks! Beautiful, versatile Italgres tile.

Italgres Travels to the Source: Sassuolo Italy

ITALGRES travels to Sassuolo, the bedrock of Italian ceramics, to learn about the tiles that will be presented at the Cersaie fair next October.

As always, we are the first to seek and share the finest Italian trends to our customers. Continuing our mission to top the list of the most avant-garde ceramic importers in the USA.


Coral Gables Home Gets Major Upgrade with Italgres Tiles

Extreme Makeover has got nothing on us. You only need new luxury tiles to give your home a complete face lift up. Like this Coral Gables home that brought our beautiful European style to life indoors and outdoors. This home has never shined so bright.


The Cheese Course uses Italgres Tiles in all their stores

Cheese course now using Italgres tiles in all their stores! This Pembroke Pines store is using our mosaic tiles Hydraulic Patchwork Nat 12×12 from Apavisa.

Iconic White Floors in Marina Palms Apartment

This project from Marina Palms uses Icon White 48×48 matte from Italgres to get this elegant and luxurious style.

Italgres Anti-Slip Magic at Porto Vita

The Porto Vita Condo used the Italgres Nature Beige 15×30 porcelain to upgrade the clubhouse floors. This fine porcelain is perfect for the outdoors with its anti-slip technology and temperature control that keeps it cool for your feet.


Enjoy the TileArt Experience in the New Wynwood Italgres Showroom

To celebrate our new Wynwood Showroom we’re having 3 days stockpiled with entertainment and art. From March 8-10 Italgres is hosting the TileArt Experience aimed to introduce our brand of high-end tiles into the prestigious artistic center of Miami with our renovated showroom.

(Click on image to enlarge)
The day-long celebration starts with breakfast at 8:30 a.m., followed by a presentation about the new trends in the tile world at 10:30 a.m.

Stop by for lunch on Thursday 9th for a delicious Paella Valenciana, and luxurious Spanish tiles.

Then cap the night with a wonderful selection of European wines at 5:30 p.m., and a special Tapas treat on Friday the 10th.

2045 NW 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33127
RSVP with Paola at 305 599 0002 ext. 0

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