The terrazzo is a material composed of stone pebbles (usually marble) combined with cement.

Terrazzo flooring began to be used in Venice in the middle of the fifteenth century, as a way to take advantage of the leftover pieces of marble flooring.
Inspired by these Venetian terrazzo floors, this new trend appears in porcelain stoneware, with much more durability than the original terrazzo and with a variety of shapes, designs, and colors.
TERRAZZO COLECTION: Available in 12×12.
PORTOFINO COLLECTION: Available in 24×24/32×32/24×48
FLUORITE COLLECTION: Slim Large Formats 60x 60/40x 100/40×40/20 x 40
VENEZIA COLLECTION: Available in 12×12


  • Venezia Bienal
  • Venezia Elysee
  • Venezia Lido

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