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Italgres Tips: 20mm Tiles

The 20mm tiles are ideal for creating outdoor spaces of great aesthetic value without giving up the technical performance. Perfect for gardens, swimming pools, and enclosures. Resistant to ice, chemical attacks, and atmospheric agents. It is the ideal choice for placement in outdoor and commercial spaces.

It can be placed in 4 different ways:


1.- Placement on gravel. With gravel placement the soil drainage is maintained through the joint between the slabs, allowing water to flow towards the skirt. It is convenient, for a better drainage, that the size of the gravel is not less than 1 cm. This placement solution is also ideal when it is not possible to make a final pavement.

2.- Laying on grass. It is the ideal place for those who want to create trails, barbecue areas or pergolas: the porcelain slabs can help you in preserving your lawn, allowing you to take advantage of it without ruining it with weight or trampling.

It is also suitable for trails and public or residential areas.



3.- Placement on top with adhesive: It is the ideal placement to cover areas passable in exteriors, parking, garage ramps, the surface being highly resistant to dynamic loads. Expansion joints are required and the joints between the slabs must be filled with cement mortar.



4.- Floating positioning: Floating outdoor flooring takes advantage of the traditional system of floating or raised floors. Thanks to this system it is possible to inspect at any time the installations lying underneath the surface. In effect, access is immediate because it is possible to lift and remove the slabs if necessary. Floating outdoor flooring is preferably used on wide and uniform surfaces, or on the previous pavement.

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