Miami’s Urban Landscape: The Magic City’s Twist to “Manhattanization”

Miami’s urban landscape has been going through an architectural resurgence in the past few years. The “Manhattanization” of the city comes in a personalized package, utilizing Miami’s curved aesthetic and marine flow. The interior and exterior design of these structures center around the city’s staple white and blue color base that creates fresh and illuminating spaces as opposed to the gray cement bricks that characterize the big apple.

“The global travel destination earned its Magic City moniker following a mid-aughts construction boom (dubbed “Miami Manhattanization”) that continues to transform the skyline at rapid fire.” Ryan Waddoups

Bjarke Ingels’s Coconut Grove condominiums are the perfect example of the unique Miami take on the high-rise urbanization that is creating more and more appeal for the city.

Read more about Miami’s transformation. Photos courtesy of Rasmus Hjortshoj, Robin Hill, and Zaha Hadid Architects.

Shower Trays

With these shower trays, HIDROBOX opted for innovation and functionality. The great advantage is that they can be adapted to the millimeter in the available bathroom space, even with its irregular shape.

This is a new concept of Shower Trays is manufactured in two types of materials: Marmek and Scene Materia.

In Marmek we find resins and minerals derived from marble. The finishing is done with sanitary paint in a wide range of colors among which we have: white, cream, beige, cappuccino, terra, cocoa, graphite, iron, steel, cement and gray.

Scene Materia is composed of minerals, organic polymers, and additives that allow the modeling of this material in a way that is adaptable to any type of surface. In fact, it is not only used for the manufacture of shower trays but is also used in the preparation of bathtubs, shelves, and other bathroom accessories. Scene Materia shower trays have exceptional hygienic characteristics, as their non-porous surface prevents the proliferation of bacteria.

But perhaps the most striking feature of these shower trays is that they are not painted, the color we see on their surface is also the one that has inside, that is, all the material is the same color, being able to choose between white, cream, gray and graphite. By not being painted, any minimal wear that could be produced by the use over time will always be imperceptible.

Outdoor design

Italgres Tips: 20mm Tiles

The 20mm tiles are ideal for creating outdoor spaces of great aesthetic value without giving up the technical performance. Perfect for gardens, swimming pools, and enclosures. Resistant to ice, chemical attacks, and atmospheric agents. It is the ideal choice for placement in outdoor and commercial spaces.

It can be placed in 4 different ways:


1.- Placement on gravel. With gravel placement the soil drainage is maintained through the joint between the slabs, allowing water to flow towards the skirt. It is convenient, for a better drainage, that the size of the gravel is not less than 1 cm. This placement solution is also ideal when it is not possible to make a final pavement.

2.- Laying on grass. It is the ideal place for those who want to create trails, barbecue areas or pergolas: the porcelain slabs can help you in preserving your lawn, allowing you to take advantage of it without ruining it with weight or trampling.

It is also suitable for trails and public or residential areas.



3.- Placement on top with adhesive: It is the ideal placement to cover areas passable in exteriors, parking, garage ramps, the surface being highly resistant to dynamic loads. Expansion joints are required and the joints between the slabs must be filled with cement mortar.



4.- Floating positioning: Floating outdoor flooring takes advantage of the traditional system of floating or raised floors. Thanks to this system it is possible to inspect at any time the installations lying underneath the surface. In effect, access is immediate because it is possible to lift and remove the slabs if necessary. Floating outdoor flooring is preferably used on wide and uniform surfaces, or on the previous pavement.

Italgres Travels to the Source: Sassuolo Italy

ITALGRES travels to Sassuolo, the bedrock of Italian ceramics, to learn about the tiles that will be presented at the Cersaie fair next October.

As always, we are the first to seek and share the finest Italian trends to our customers. Continuing our mission to top the list of the most avant-garde ceramic importers in the USA.


Coral Gables Home Gets Major Upgrade with Italgres Tiles

Extreme Makeover has got nothing on us. You only need new luxury tiles to give your home a complete face lift up. Like this Coral Gables home that brought our beautiful European style to life indoors and outdoors. This home has never shined so bright.


Exploring New Trends at Coverings 2017

This week we’re at Coverings 2017, the biggest tile and stone exhibition in the U.S. We are looking for new and exciting designs to share with you, through thousands of products and suppliers from around the world.

For years we’ve been one of the loudest proponents of large formats in the U.S., a trend that is well established in Europe but has trickled down into the American market very slowly. This week we’ve seen the resurgence of the large formats in the U.S. market with big slabs making their presence felt in Coverings 2017. We’ve also seen the Cuban tiles in 12×12 and 8×8 formats making a strong impact in the event.

It’s amazing to see this industry evolve so rapidly. The introduction of more refined finishing methods and technology has given us a lot of refreshing new textures and three-dimensional designs in this year’s selection.

As you can tell, it’s an exciting time for this industry and for us. Follow us for more insights into the world of tiles.

The Cheese Course uses Italgres Tiles in all their stores

Cheese course now using Italgres tiles in all their stores! This Pembroke Pines store is using our mosaic tiles Hydraulic Patchwork Nat 12×12 from Apavisa.

The People and the Souls the Filled our Showroom

Like always we love to decorate our walls with the impressive portraits of Havi’s “Souls”, but it’s the people who made last Thursday such a fun an energetic night. Thanks to Vander Bhirtwish for taking these great photos.



HaviArt Captivates Wynwood Once Again from Italgres

We love to create spaces where art thrives and where people can congregate to appreciate different aesthetics. Last night we invited people to our Wynwood showroom to witness the tremendous beauty of the “Souls” portraits by an outstanding artist and close friend of ours, Havi Schanz.

His paintings have been a staple of the Italgres showrooms for a while since his combination of industrial and pop styles creates a perfect harmony with the Italgres brand.

Once again, we opened our space to Havi’s art and, once again, people were mesmerized and captivated by it. It was a fantastic night of upbeat music and drinks, and another win for the rising art scene of Miami. We’re very grateful to have seen so many people enjoy this event.

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